What is the order of stability? [Solved] (2022)

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Which is the correct order for stability?

The correct order of stability is, thus, <br> `H_2gtH_2^(+)gtHe_2^(+)gtHe_2` <br> Moreover, `H_2^(+)` is somewhat more stable than `He_2^(+)` since there is only one electron in the hydrogen molecule ion and, therefore, it has no electron-electron repulsion.... read more ›

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What is the order of stability of Carbanion?

Conclusion. In summary, the stability of a carbanion is determined by a variety of factors. The order of stability is as follows: tertiary > secondary > primary. The stability of a carbanion can be increased by the inductive effect and by resonance.... see details ›

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What is the order of stability of carbocation?

Thus the observed order of stability for carbocations is as follows: tertiary > secondary > primary > methyl.... see details ›

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Which of the following is most stable?

CH3−CH=CH−CH2−CH3 will be the most stable because greater the number of alkyl groups attached to double bonded carbon atoms, more stable is the alkene.... see details ›

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Which of the following is the correct order of stability H2 H2+ and H2?

Bond order for both H2+ and H2− is same but H2+ is more stable than H2− due to absence of electrons in anti-bonding orbital.... view details ›

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What does order and stability mean?

Rank-order stability refers to the extent to which the rank order of individuals with respect to their level of SWB is stable over time. The rank-order stability of SWB can be estimated by the retest correlation of SWB measured at two separate time points.... continue reading ›

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Which is the correct order of stability of carbanion F ch2 ch2 ch2?

IV > I > II > IV.... continue reading ›

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What is stability of anion?

The greater the s-character of the charge-bearing atom, the more stable the anion; The extent of conjugation of the anion. Resonance effects can stabilize the anion. This is especially true when the anion is stabilized as a result of aromaticity.... see details ›

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Why CH3 is most stable carbanion?

Thus, the stability of carbanions decreases with the increase in the number of alkyl groups.As a result, methyl anion, `CH_(3):^(-)` having no alkyl group is the most stable.... view details ›

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What is the order of stability of radicals?

Thus, stability increases in the order methyl < primary < secondary < tertiary.... view details ›

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What is the order of stability of alcohols?

The order of reactivity of alcohols is 3° > 2° > 1° methyl.... continue reading ›

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What is the stability order of alkene?

Summary: Stability of Alkenes

One important factor is the substitution pattern. As C-H bonds are replaced by C-C bonds, the stability of the alkene gradually increases in the order mono (least stable) < di < tri < tetrasubstituted (most stable).... continue reading ›

What is the order of stability? [Solved] (2022)

Which is the most stable solution?

True solutions are more stable than suspension. True solutions remain stable as the particles are almost uniform in size and do not settle down if left untouched for a given time interval.... view details ›

Which bond is the most stable?

What type of bond is the most stable and why? Triple, double, or single? A triple bond is the most stable because it takes more energy to break 3 than 2 or 1.... view details ›

Which base is the most stable?

It likes to have electrons around it and therefore it makes sense that fluorine is the best at stabilizing a negative charge and that makes this the most stable conjugate base.... read more ›

Which of the following is not stable H2+ H2 He2 HHE?

Correct option is (a) He2

Hence, it cannot exist in stable state.... see more ›

Which of the following is most stable H2 H2+?

H2+ is most stable as one electron is being shared with two nuclei.... view details ›

Which species is diamagnetic * H2 H2 H2+ He2+?

Let it be H2- ,H2+ or He2+ ; there's an unpaired electron i.e, they are paramagnetic. But in option 3 in H2 there's no unpaired electron. So, that is your answer as diamagnetic.... continue reading ›

What is stability example?

In science and engineering, stability denotes a system that is in equilibrium that is able to return to equilibrium when disturbed. For example, a building that stands upward resisting the forces of gravity is in equilibrium.... continue reading ›

What are the 3 types of stability explain?

  • Stable Equilibrium:
  • Unstable Equilibrium:
  • Neutral Equilibrium:
... continue reading ›

Which is more stable CH2 F or CH2 Cl?

CH2Cl forms a more stable carbanion than CH2F. This is because, negative charge on the carbon is delocalised in to the d-orbital of the chlorine but no such stabilization takes place in CH2F carbanion.... see details ›

Which one is correct option for for stability of carbanion :-?

Therefore, the correct order of stability of carbanions is C > A > B.... see details ›

Which of the following carbanion is most stable CH2?

Amongst ⊖CH2CHO,⊖CH3 and ⊖CH2−NO2, the most stable carbanion is ⊖CH2NO2.... view details ›

What is the bond of stability?

With a lower bond order, there is less attraction between electrons and this causes the atoms to be held together more loosely. Bond order also indicates the stability of the bond. The higher the bond order, the more electrons holding the atoms together, and therefore the greater the stability.... see more ›

What is charge stability?

Positive charge is stabilized by adjacent negative charge – such as electron donating groups – and destabilized by adjacent positive charge such as electronegativity (increasing) and increasing s-character of orbitals. (Opposite charges attract, like charges repel).... continue reading ›

What is the stability of carbon?

A carbocation's prime job is to stop being a carbocation and there are two approaches to it. It can either get rid of the positive charge or it can gain a negative charge. Both method involves providing the missing electrons to the carbon lacking electrons.... see more ›

Which is most stable alkene?

3: Trans-2-butene is the most stable because it has the lowest heat of hydrogenation.... continue reading ›

Why is clo4 more stable?

The more oxygen atom that are bonded with the oxoacids the electrons will be pulled away from the O−H bond, and the more this bond will be weakend. Thus HClO4 requires the least energy to break the O−H bond and from H+. Hence, HClO4 is the strongest acid, and the order of stability is HClO<HClO2<HClO3<HClO4.... continue reading ›

Which carbanion is least stable?

(CH3)3C− is least stable carbanion.... see more ›

What is the correct order of decreasing stability?

Hence, the correct order of stability is II>I>III. Was this answer helpful?... read more ›

Which radicals are more stable?

Radical stability increases in the order methyl < primary < secondary < tertiary. But due to resonance stabilization, the allyl radical is the most stable one: Q.... read more ›

Which radical is most stable Mcq?

Hence CH3CH=CHCH∗CH3 free radical is most stable.... see details ›

What is the stability order in oxygen?

O22+>O2+>O2>O2−>O22−... continue reading ›

What is the stability order of primary secondary and tertiary alcohol?

The primary carbocation is least stable followed by secondary carbocation and the tertiary alcohols form the most stable tertiary carbocations.... see more ›

What is stability of phase?

In particle accelerator: Accelerating particles. … field is that of “phase stability.” In one cycle of its oscillation, an alternating field passes from zero through a maximum value to zero again and then falls to a minimum before rising back to zero.... continue reading ›

What is the stability of a molecule?

In everyday language, and often in materials science, a chemical substance is said to be "stable" if it is not particularly reactive in the environment or during normal use, and retains its useful properties on the timescale of its expected usefulness.... continue reading ›

Why alkanes are most stable?

Alkanes are not very reactive when compared with other chemical species. This is because the backbone carbon atoms in alkanes have attained their octet of electrons through forming four covalent bonds (the maximum allowed number of bonds under the octet rule; which is why carbon's valence number is 4).... see details ›

What is stable solution example?

For example, the solution y = ce-x of the equation y′ = -y is asymptotically stable, because the difference of any two solutions c1e-x and c2e-x is (c1 - c2)e-x, which always approaches zero as x increases.... read more ›

Is water a stable solution?

Water is a stable compound. Components made up of two or more elements is called a compound. Water is made up of two elements namely hydrogen and oxygen.... see details ›

Which form is more stable?

Anti conformation is the most stable because it has bulkier group at the maximum distance which minimise the steric repulsion.... see details ›

Which bond is the most stable HF HCl HBr hi?

Atoms with more electronegativity hold the electrons more tightly and are more stable. By the above explanation, fluorine being the smallest and most electronegative element,it is said to be more stable. Hence,the order is HF > HCl >HBr >HI.... continue reading ›

Which bond is less stable?

A Triple bond is when three pairs of electrons are shared between two atoms in a molecule. It is the least stable out of the three general types of covalent bonds.... continue reading ›

Which structure is most stable?

  • ∴ octet complete.
  • ∴ most stable.
... continue reading ›

Which is more stable S or O?

O=O. double bonds are much stronger than S=S double bonds.... see more ›

Which DNA is more stable?

RNA:DNA hybrids are more stable than DNA:DNA duplexes in concentrated perchlorate and trichloroacetate solutions.... see details ›

What is a stable base?

stable base. [cartography] In cartography, any material such as a Mylar sheet or film that is more durable than paper and less likely to shrink or stretch.... read more ›

What is the correct order of stability of alkenes?

IV and III are conjugated dienes and hence more stable than I and II. If we compare III and IV, IV is more substituted and hence more stable. Similarly II is more substituted than I. So the stability order varies as: I < II < III < IV.... view details ›

What is stability of bond?

A high bond order indicates more attraction between electrons. A higher bond order also means that the atoms are held together more tightly. Bond order also indicates the stability of the bond. The higher the bond order, the more electrons holding the atoms together, and therefore the greater the stability.... see details ›

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