How do you market an online therapy practice? [Solved] (2022)

How do you market an online therapy practice?

Here are nine ways to introduce patients to your practice.
  1. Meet them where they are. ...
  2. Have a great website. ...
  3. Make sure your Google My Business info is up-to-date. ...
  4. Mental health content marketing is key. ...
  5. Pay-per-click ads. ...
  6. Use email to stay in touch. ...
  7. Consider paid ads for social media. ...
  8. Work with other therapists.
Oct 29, 2019

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How can I promote my private practice?

7 Tips for Marketing your Private Practice on a Shoestring Budget
  1. #2 Blog, Blog, Then Blog Some More.
  2. #3 Guest Post on Other Blogs.
  3. #4 Go to Local Networking Events.
  4. #5 Join or Create Facebook Groups.
  5. #6 Create a Google My Business Account.
  6. #7 Claim Your Practice on Yelp.
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Which online therapy company pays the best?

The Top Online Therapy Platforms. With more than 12,000 therapists trained to address a range of mental health needs, flexible communication methods, and affordable rates, BetterHelp tops our list as the best overall online therapy platform.... read more ›

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How do I get more therapy clients?

How to get counseling clients: 7 tips to attract people to your new practice
  1. Networking events. ...
  2. Put your business card in the right hands. ...
  3. Join a group. ...
  4. Accepting insurance. ...
  5. Local advertisements. ...
  6. Brand yourself. ...
  7. Get involved in the community.
Jan 18, 2017
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How do I market myself as a private practice therapist?

Here is a list of 10 quick steps that can help you with marketing your private practice.
  1. You really need to get on insurance panels. ...
  2. Pay Per Click (Also known as PPC-or Google Adwords) ...
  3. Optimize your website. ...
  4. Blog. ...
  5. Get out in the Community and meet people. ...
  6. Make your office beautiful. ...
  7. Expand your specialities.
Oct 3, 2013

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How much do online therapists make?

Generic online counseling jobs typically pay a therapist hourly rate of $35-$45 after taxes. This works out to therapist pay of around $80,000 per year at 40 hours per week.... read more ›

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Who pays more BetterHelp or TalkSpace?

It is reported that Better Help pays around $30 per hour and TalkSpace pays around $20 per hour. Compare that to the average hourly fee of a therapist running their own practice, around $100, and it averages out to a 75% pay reduction.... read more ›

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What are some online therapy platforms?

Healthline's picks for the top 10 online therapy services of 2022
  • BetterHelp.
  • Talkspace.
  • Amwell.
  • MDLive.
  • 7 Cups.
  • ReGain.
  • Teen Counseling.

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How do I get a referral for private practice?

How can Therapists Increase Referrals for Their Private Practice
  1. Ask your clients for referrals. The simplest solution is often overlooked. ...
  2. Online Networking. ...
  3. Offline Networking. ...
  4. Join an insurance company's provider panel. ...
  5. Advertisement, Website, and Blog. ...
  6. Referral marketing. ...
  7. Reward your clients.
Sep 8, 2020
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How do private therapy practices grow?

Tips on how to start and grow your private practice
  1. Define an Ideal Customer. You would never create a product without having a customer in mind. ...
  2. Create a Digital Presence. In today's age, almost everything is done over the internet. ...
  3. Build Your Referral Network. ...
  4. Get an EHR/ Practice Management Tool. ...
  5. Find Your Balance.
Oct 2, 2017
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How long does it take to grow a private practice?

On average, it takes most practices about two years to get fully established and stable. Getting those first few clients takes a lot of work. But usually, once a practice gets around 10-15 regular clients, things tend to blossom. The other thing about growth is that it is something you have to constantly work at.... continue reading ›

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Learn how to reach out to your potential clients through social media and other networks. Here's how to market yourself as an online therapist.

Reach out to your potential clients through social media and professional networks such as therapist directories and specialized referral services for mental heal professionals.. We all spend a considerable portion of our day online, so it’s only natural a potential client will look for you online.. These advertisements are displayed together with search results, and, typically, to get a consistent flow of clients from search advertising at a reasonable price, you would need to consult a professional.. When writing a summary, just as when you’re writing for your website, always consider what does a specific sentence says to a person looking to book a session.. To make it easier for WeAreMore App users to find a therapist, Incentives offers mental health professionals to create a listing, at the cost of two therapy sessions.. With all these technicalities in mind, you also want to avoid making your listing sound “too salesy.” The best way to market yourself as an online therapist is to show your potential clients you’re a compassionate person open to helping them.. Or, you can tell your potential clients your reasons for becoming a therapist.

Marketing a therapy practice involves networking, trial and error, and plenty of patience. Here are seven marketing strategies that have proven effective.

One of the hardest parts about starting my private practice was figuring out marketing strategies that would be effective.. When someone calls who you can’t help (perhaps you don’t take their insurance or don’t have experience with their particular issue), you can refer them to a therapist you trust.. Obviously, these aren’t typical referral sources for a counseling practice, but attending these events helped me get the hang of networking and brought some unexpected benefits, too.. When contacting local TV news stations, write your news release to make it obvious what the “hook” is and why covering your event would make for “good TV.”. Although personal and practice sites generally can’t compete with big directories in terms of traffic and visibility, there is also value in blogging for your own website, as adding original content typically helps a site move up in search engine rankings.. Boosting blog posts and running ads (like announcing when a new clinician joined the practice) has also been helpful to grow the audience, and has motivated some callers to make an appointment.. I don’t always hear people cite my Facebook presence specifically as the reason they called, but the weeks I run an ad, we always get more calls.. Signing up to be an employee assistance program (EAP) provider is a good marketing strategy because it sends people to your practice who might not otherwise find you.. Editor’s note: GoodTherapy has supported mental health professionals for over a decade as they grow their practices, reach goals, and improve their digital marketing.

Meta Title: Private Practice Counselling Business Plan: 2019 Edition Meta Description: About to start a counselling private practice? And looking for an easy-to-follow guide on writing a business plan that works? Keep reading…

Whether it’s handing them to referrals sources, or giving them to clients, business cards are an easy and cheap way of putting your contact details out into the world.. Make sure they work for you, and don’t leave them gathering dust in a drawer.. For more information on getting and using business cards, read my articles: Lots of Things to do With Business Cards and All About Business Cards. A brochure outlining the services you provide gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential client or referral source.. You can send as part of a direct mailshot, give them to doctors or other professionals, leave them in reception or at a local pharmacy or health food shop.. A good way of announcing a new practice start up, especially in rural areas is to write a press release, attach some photos and send it off to local papers or magazines.. Local papers and advertising magazines are often glad to receive submissions from local professionals.. This helps you to establish a reputation, and make your name known to other therapists (who may be also sources of referrals in the future.). A newsletter to possible referral sources is a good way to keep in regular contact.. A poster is a good way of attracting attention to your practice and the services you offer.. You could invite members of the public, or referral sources, to a presentation about your practice and the services you provide, or about a topic of interest.. Don’t discount the benefits of formal networking opportunities too, such as getting involved in the Lions Club or Rotary, or paid networking groups such as Business Network International.. Not the most obvious channel for promoting your practice, but if you have a desire to contribute to the community, this can be a way of getting to know possible referral sources.. If you’re going to invest your money in advertising, make sure you’re clear about your target audience, and monitor your results closely.

We share the ins and outs of how therapists can strategize their marketing.

If done well, marketing can:. There are several online marketing strategies, typically with the goal of gaining more business or clients.. While many are personal pages for people sharing their pictures and thoughts with close family, friends, and groups of like-minded people, others are businesses promoting their goods or services.. For a therapy practice, Instagram can make people more aware of who you are and what you do.. Video marketing is an effective and engaging way to create informational content for your target audience (WebFX, n.d.).

Wondering how to build an online therapy practice? Our online tools show you how to start, expand, grow and thrive in the digital space.

Located in Wollongong and Thirroul for in-person sessions, with digital sessions available to assist you anywhere in the world, I work with clients both locally and internationally, with additional accreditation to deliver online coaching and counselling.. With my expert guidance, you can set up your own online therapy practice and take your training in psychotherapy, counselling and coaching further than ever before.. Set up an online practice and use your expertise and online therapy to help clients across the world.. An easy way to jumpstart your online therapy career is joining a virtual clinic, or online therapy platform.. If you currently offer traditional talk therapy, let your regular clients know that you’re expanding into online therapy.. If you’re still having trouble commencing your online therapy practice, why not click here to join my Online Therapy – Connecting and Networking group on Facebook.. What online therapy is How to bridge the digital divide with your clients How to provide professional therapeutic services online And more. Unlike other online therapy courses, I am geared solely towards professional psychologists and counsellors who are seeking to launch an online practice.. ✓ Exactly what online therapy is ✓ How to provide different types of online services, including: psychotherapy, psychology, couples counselling, family counselling, group therapy, coaching, counselling and more ✓ Tips and pitfalls to be aware of during online therapy ✓ How to be personal, yet professional online ✓ How to be empathetic in the online space ✓ The boundaries of the online space and the importance of privacy ✓ The legalities of online therapy, and more. – What online therapy is – The services you can provide – How to provide counselling services in an online environment – How to provide different types of online services – How to empathise with clients across the digital divide, and; – Your contractual and legal obligations as an online therapist.

It isn’t about traffic — there are plenty of ways to get traffic. It isn’t about networking — potential customers on the other side of the planet don’t care how many Facebook friends you have. If you want clients for your online therapy practice, then as far...

That article was excerpted from the prospectus for our 2008 spin-off of (a site which we later sold), and this article provides the second set of excerpts from that prospectus, this time addressing a question I have been asked so many times I’ve lost count: how can I find clients for my online therapy practice?. Relatively speaking, it’s easy to reach clients for a geo-centric practice — where your message competes only with those of other practitioners targeting the same physical vicinity — but extremely hard to reach clients for a global practice, where your message competes with those of online therapists from all across the planet.. As a result, many online therapists work with few, if any, actual paying clients; this is true even for many who have (sometimes rather vociferously) described themselves as an ‘online therapist’ for years.. Providing compelling content is the principal marketing strategy pursued by major web portals, search engines, online versions of magazines and newspapers, social networks…and a small minority of online therapists.. Advertising in the online realm means recognizing that a proportion of your potential customers are more likely to be found looking at somebody else’s site than at yours; it means paying that site to promote yours in the hopes that a few of those potential customers might be persuaded to leave the site they were on in the first place and come to find out what you have to offer.. This is the principal marketing strategy of most sites which don’t have compelling content of their own, including many online retailers, as well as most online therapists and directories of online therapists.. By contrast, when a site lacks compelling content for the visitor arriving via a paid advertisement, the end result is much more likely to be that the visitor simply wanders off to some other site, yielding exactly zero return on the advertising expenditure which brought them there.. Amazingly, many would-be online therapists (who, not coincidentally, often build their websites first and then wonder how to get clients) continue to sink hundreds of pounds every year into advertising but invest little or no effort in creating new or updated content for their own websites.

The three things you need to understand to be a Master of Marketing.

I’m going to cover the most common myths of marketing your private practice and the three things you need to understand to be a Master of Marketing.. Private practice marketing myths We all pick up business and counseling tips in different ways.. You might think, “It’s about the relationship so technology doesn’t matter.” Zig Ziglar, the business guru of the 20th century, talked about how people do business with those they know, like, and trust.. Someone else gives the trust: This could be a doctor, friend, or pastor saying, “You have to work with them, they are amazing!” Online: Through your blog posts, social media, website, Psychology Today, or Gottman Referral Network profile, a potential client decides if you are a fit for them as a couple.. Build a business avatar A “business avatar” is a fancy way of saying your ideal client .. Optimize your funnels Once you have your business avatar figured out and website optimized, the next step is to look at all the paths to your website.. Psychology Today Gottman Referral Network Facebook page Instagram profile Guest blogs on other websites Infographics on Pinterest Tweets about couples leading to blog posts Local businesses you write for like the newspaper or local magazines. Once you understand the myths about marketing and you push back against them, the actions steps become clear: define your business avatar, optimize your website, and evaluate your funnels to the website.. Joe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC Joe Sanok is a business consultant with the #1 podcast for counselors in private practice, The Practice of the Practice Podcast.

At The Wellness Institute, we teach a highly effective treatment model that addresses body, mind, and spirit called Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy.

Why Therapists Struggle with Marketing To attract new clients, fill your schedule, and grow your therapy practice, you need to announce your presence to the world.. We put together this guide to marketing your private practice so you can achieve the success you, your clients, and your future clients deserve.. Two Big Questions for Marketing Your Private Practice The first step for marketing anything — from your private therapy practice to the latest iPhone — is to answer two questions:. Marketer Jesse Hartman writes that the first thing you should do when developing a marketing plan for your private therapy practice is “get clear on the result you’re looking for.” He suggests asking yourself six questions:. As your ideal client starts to take shape, you’ll have a better idea of how to make the most of the marketing strategies described in this guide to build the private therapy practice you’ve always envisioned.. Since you’re reading this guide online, you should hardly need convincing that, if you want new clients to find your private therapy practice, you need a robust online presence.. When potential clients search for your therapy practice online (and they will), the first thing they’ll see will probably be your website.. Should You Use Social Media to Market Your Private Therapy Practice?. Social media is undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool, but if you’re uncomfortable connecting with clients or potential clients online, you don’t have to use it.. Facebook marketing skeptic Daniel Wendler warns that social media marketing can consume a lot of hours that may be better spent working on your website, improving your therapy skills, or taking time for yourself.. Thriving Therapy Practice named content marketing its number-one online marketing trend for psychotherapists:. But for starters, we’ll focus on the easiest way to turn your expertise into valuable content that will attract new clients and search engines to your therapy practice website: blogging.

If you are looking for help with marketing your occupational therapy (OT) practice, this article walks you through the basics you need to know for connecting with your target market.

This spotlight on occupational therapy means the market is being flooded with more OTs than ever before, so OT practices using outdated marketing techniques—and ignoring the influx of competition—are in for a rude awakening.. Fortunately, if you know how to market your unique skills as a therapist and get your message to the patients and providers who need it most, you can set yourself apart from the rest.. First things first: Before you start penning your marketing plan, you’ll have to don your research cap.. Aligning your practice to meet those needs will ensure your services are in demand, so you’ll need to dig into your current market to determine if it’ll sustain your desired OT niche.. Determine how many OTs already provide these services in your area and compare that figure to what you know about your market.. If your desired niche doesn’t fit into your current market—or if the market is saturated with OTs specializing in that niche—you’ll likely need to decide whether you want to stick with your niche and move somewhere you can readily establish yourself, or change your niche altogether.. Once you’ve figured out what types of OT services you will provide, it’s time to start marketing your practice to draw in patients and grab the attention of referring physicians.. As we mention in Modern Marketing Decoded , WebPT’s free guide to digital marketing, “a marketing plan is a roadmap that helps you develop a concrete marketing strategy and makes sure your marketing efforts stay the course.. In fact, providers who blog and use social media increase their website traffic and make their patients feel more valued, so take the time to educate yourself on digital engagement tactics .. So, make sure your website, social media pages, and patient reviews reflect your efficacy as a provider.. In addition to getting your name out there, this kind of relationship-based marketing presents you with opportunities to educate patients on any lesser-known or niche services you provide—and explain their benefits.. If you would like to see examples of the OT practice websites that were voted the best of 2017, along with tips for improving your website, please check out: The Best OT Websites of 2019.. That also means that OTs have to get really good at referral marketing, which hinges on tapping into the emotions that motivate physicians to refer their patients to you.. Developing and implementing a strategic marketing plan might be difficult or uncomfortable at first; you may even have some preconceptions about what it means to sell your services or the value you provide to patients (after all, most occupational therapists don’t receive any formal education on how market their practices).

Doxy, Zoom, VSee, or Google Meet - lets dive into the pros and cons of the best online therapy platforms for therapists so you can choose the right one!

Today we’re continuing with our series on teletherapy with a list of pros and cons for the best online therapy platforms for therapists to help you decide which could be the best online therapy platform for you!. If you’re not using EHR and their affiliated teletherapy platform, then there are four major players left to take a look at: Doxy, Zoom, VSee Messenger, and Google Meet.. Full disclosure: I’ve been using Doxy as my exclusive teletherapy platform since making the switch to online therapy.. Though some of the other options on this list offer free versions of their software, Doxy is the only one that offers a HIPAA BAA in their free version.. You can see in the example above where it says “pretend client” on the left, your clients show up in the waiting area or “patient queue.” You can see this list and click on their name to start the call at any time.. My guess is, Doxy is completely overloaded and it’s just not possible right now to meet the needs of the huge influx of therapists on their platform.. With all that said, I’m personally using the free version of Doxy as my exclusive teletherapy platform and haven’t had any issues (yet!).. From my experience, Doxy is by far the easiest to make HIPAA-Secure out of all four platforms.. Now to accommodate increased demand, the free version of VSee Messenger doesn’t include a BAA and you need to upgrade to their pro plan at $49/month to get that BAA and be HIPAA-secure.. As I go over in my video about Google Meet , the setup is rather simple and it’s easy to invite your client through a Google Calendar invite or copying the link into an email.. It doesn’t appear to have the same degree of connectivity issues as Doxy, and doesn’t require that your clients download an app or have a Google account if they’re using a computer to meet with you.. It offers several features that aren’t available in the free version of Doxy, such as allowing multiple users to attend a meeting and screen sharing.. If your client is meeting with you on their mobile device or iPad, they do need to download the Google Meet app AND create a Google account if they don’t already have one.. Click here to learn how to make G Suite HIPAA Secure so you can use Google Meet for online therapy.

Learn how to market yourself as a therapist using Instagram. This article covers the dos and don'ts of using Instagram to market your private practice.

But social media and Instagram marketing are so in right now that I’d be remiss if I didn’t cover it.. So I enlisted the help of an expert to talk about how to market yourself as a therapist using Instagram.. So for today, I’m honing in on how to market yourself as a therapist using Instagram.. I have two separate Instagram accounts: one for my private practice ( drmariefang ) and one for Private Practice Skills ( privatepracticeskills ).. If you aren’t following her yet on Instagram, check her out at exploring.therapy , she’s totally killing it in her Instagram game!. If your goal is to reach potential clients, it’s so important that you know who you are and what sets you apart from all the other therapists using Instagram to market their practice.. Yep, those 30 hashtags at the bottom of each post are a huge way that others can find you on Instagram.. When your potential clients look up these hashtags, if things go well, they will see your posts, find your page, and follow you!. There are seasons when I engage more actively on Instagram and seasons when I’m posting just as frequently but I’m not engaging with other accounts.. With everything I said about how helpful Instagram can be for building your practice, it can also become a total waste of time if not done well.. As I’ve built my brand with Private Practice Skills I’ve found Dr. Therese’s tips to be incredibly helpful to my own growth on Instagram.. I encourage you to visit my Instagram page privatepracticeskills and scroll down to see how my strategy has shifted over time.. However, Instagram is a great tool to build your brand and develop a following who will then turn to you should they be in need of a therapist in the future.

How to get started delivering online therapy to clients over video chat and other communication tools

What is Online Therapy?. It is clearly not for every therapist or for every client.. Clients can be “seen” where they are.. Some clients are not appropriate for online therapy.. Now that you know what online therapy is, what you need and what some of the issues are, what’s next?. Whether or not you need PayPal or another payment processing account will depend in part on whether you are an independent therapist providing online services through your own company website or a contracted therapist providing online services for an online counselling company.One thing to know about payment processors is that they almost always charge processing fees.. E-counselling requires the same privacy as a face-to-face counselling session.. This is what your client will see.. In general, any client who is not a candidate for hypnosis face-to-face is certainly not appropriate for online hypnosis.As with any potential online therapy client, you want to do a thorough assessment to determine whether online therapy – and possibly hypnosis – is appropriate.. What is online therapy particularly good for?. Online therapy, just like face-to-face therapy, has risks as well as advantages.. Working with a therapist via the internet is different to face-to-face.. Your therapist is credentialed and trained in the services being provided.

We both started our private practices on a shoestring budget. Actually, that isn't really true. We started with absolutely no budget. Why? Miranda wasn't planning to start a private practice, and had no idea what I was doing. She had just quit my full time, benefitted job with the county after hav

Learning how to market and what to say is invaluable and will make all the free marketing strategies we list below a LOT more effective!. I initially built my website on Google's free website builder, and Kelly built hers on a free MAC program back in the day.. While most free website builders have major limitations and aren't the end point, writing up your website on a free builder can be invaluable.. Yes, there are people who will upgrade your SEO for you, but we want you to do the basics, making sure your website speaks to your ideal client and tells Google what you are really about.. Too many therapists are using social media without a clear understanding of how it works to build their business and reputation.. The more people who share your website on social media, the cooler Google assumes you are, and that makes your website more findable.. The more people you meet on social media and build real relationships with—by meeting by phone or in the real world—the bigger your real-world reputation and referral base is.

Do you see consistent results from your PT marketing? Market directly to consumers & strengthen referrals with this proven Physical Therapy Marketing Strategy.

If you don’t, then it’s time to take a good look at your overall physical therapy marketing strategy.. Step 1 in every physical therapy marketing plan needs to be creating as many chances as possible to get found online by people looking for pain help.. Your practice website is the hub of your marketing efforts and most online marketing will direct back to it.. “Retargeting” refers to delivering ads to people who have already visited your website or your clinic.. 70% of consumers need to read at least four reviews before they can trust a business.. 63.6% of people visit Google to check local business reviews and 77% of those people don’t trust reviews older than 3 months…. Attract more NEW patients Retain more CURRENT patients Reactivate PAST patients. 6 Best Physical Therapy Websites for Private Practices What Makes A PT Website Attract Patients?

Looking to launch a successful digital marketing campaign for your physical therapy practice? We give tips, guidance, and even examples for how to attract patients to your business.

Before you can start healing people, however, you have to gain their confidence and trust enough to attract them to your clinic.. And there are five things that your website must have to make it effective.. Once you have drawn a prospective patient in with assuring images and testimonials, you need to call them to action.. For a physical therapy clinic, a typical call to action might say something like:. Making your phone number easy to find is especially important for a physical therapy clinic, as people searching for a physical therapist are usually experiencing a period of pain and stress.. A three-step plan for a physical therapy practice might go something like:. This content can come in whatever form you find works best for your practice.. Here at The Steeplechase Company, we find that blog posts and email digests are the best way to communicate with clients.. It may seem counterintuitive to give out information about physical therapy for free.. Your clinic’s website might have basic contact information or even an “about us” page to help your patients find and learn about you.. A good white paper breaks down an issue and explains how your business can help to solve it.. For more information about how blogs connect you with patients, click here .. Do you need a successful digital marketing strategy for your physical therapy practice?. Designing an attractive and effective website Capturing contacts Nurturing leads with great content and helpful tools. Digital Marketing for Your Physical Therapy Practice

Learn the 7 tested steps to developing your business and getting more clients for your therapy practice in these peculiar times.

Finally, understanding your purpose will serve as a guide throughout your professional life.. Emotional success is the feeling of success that you get from helping someone.. ‘How will the goal affect my practice?’ That is, how will it better your business and your life?. You have presented your message to your audience, and it worked.. You can talk to the influencers that share the same target audience but offer different services or approach a relevant group online and present your services there.. As a private practice owner, you need to learn the nuances of successful marketing that will help you get booked out by the clients.

Mental health apps may help normalize mental health care among generations who interact online.

The site also offers members the option to schedule live video and phone sessions with their therapists, though Barlevy worked mainly with clients via the site's unlimited asynchronous messaging service.. Still, such online therapy creates concerns over patient privacy, as well as legal and ethical issues, including interjurisdictional practice issues, for providers who contract to work for these companies, which may not share the same code of conduct and commitment to do no harm, says Deborah Baker, JD, director of legal and regulatory policy in APA's Practice Directorate.. Many of these online therapy companies also are not run by psychologists.. American Well's online platform helps "normalize mental health care, especially among generations now who are so accustomed to interacting with people using technology," Henderson adds.. Of course, online care is not for every patient or practitioner.. Practitioners also need to do their due diligence when it comes to making sure their decision to contract with an online therapy company doesn't run afoul of complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), state licensing laws and other legal and ethical practices, Baker says.

Find the best online therapist using the Online Therapy Directory. Learn about online therapy and how to choose the ideal online therapist.

BetterHelp’s therapists are skilled at providing counseling for a variety of common mental health issues including anxiety, depression, grief, addictions, relationships, trauma, and more.. ReGain matches clients with a therapist from a staff of more than 5,000 licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors, licensed clinical social workers, and psychologists.. Since that time, it has connected more than 1 million clients with licensed therapists, bringing mental health care to millions regardless of location or circumstances.. Teen Counseling’s staff of therapists includes licensed professional counselors, licensed clinical social workers, licensed marriage and family therapists, and psychologists.. Amwell is a telehealth platform that offers mental and behavioral health care among its many services.. Amwell’s mental health care providers include doctoral-level psychologists, and master’s degree-level therapists and social workers who are trained in providing interventions and treatments via telehealth platforms.. Common mental health issues that Amwell’s therapists can help address include stress management, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), insomnia, grief, and more.. CBT as the basis for the platform’s eight-part guided therapy programs specifically tailored to a variety of mental and behavioral health issues, including anxiety, anger, obsessive-compulsive disorder, insomnia, addictions, and depression.. If you need more support, offers three paid plans, which offer varying levels of access to licensed therapists to work with you through the different steps of the program.. 7 Cups also offers several other free tools for improving mental health and well-being, including support communities tailored to specific age groups or issues, self-help guides, and advice columns from licensed therapists.. Doctor On Demand’s therapists can help you address several common mental health issues, including anxiety and stress, depression, trauma, grief, relationship issues, and parenting challenges.. MDLive is another full-service telehealth platform that offers mental health care in addition to medical and dermatology services.. As an online therapy platform, Pride Counseling creates a discreet, accessible environment where you can discuss issues related to mental health, relationships, and identity.. Pride Counseling’s roster of therapists includes psychologists, licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers, and licensed professional counselors, all of whom specialize in working with the LGBTQ+ community.. Pride Counseling offers a variety of different session types for clients, including video chats, phone calls, and live text messaging sessions.

Today’s guest posts comes from Paul Gough, a Small Business Icon Best In Class Winner for his Lead Nurture Marketing Systems. Paul is a former professional soccer Physical Therapist turned successful clinic owner from the UK. He is a published author who has already grown his own physical therapy business from one clinic to four, and “zero...

Before you can start to create these systems, it’s important that I first give you some background on the Marketing Strategy that you’ll need to switch to in order to make this type of Marketing plan work for you at your clinic.. See, “Lead Nurture” is essentially a style of Marketing that builds TRUST with consumers and bolts onto the Education Based Marketing Strategy where you give consumers INFORMATION before asking them to book appointments with you.. Not only do you have skeptical and nervous consumers, you have consumers who resent paying for other people’s health care knowing their costs have gone up as a result – you also have the added obstacle of the “grudge” issue getting in the way, too.. How Education Based Marketing Works Online: The Education Based Marketing Strategy works for us small business owners because it allows us to begin a relationship with these people – one that doesn’t involve asking for money.. Essentially, we’ve been recognized for being the type of company that understands that people need to feel some “LOVE” before they’ll commit their time and money to a business – and we’re happy to give it to them!. See, while most PT’s are running ads hoping to “get” more new patients right off the bat, we’re running ads that want to “give” away information online to help people START to make progress.. We use systems to nurture them – over time.. What is in the Nurture System?. To see an example of my clinics follow up / nurture system, go here now .. The third part of the system for success is something called the:. This type of Marketing system solves that problem for you and is the “here and now” of marketing for small PT clinics who want to grow.. “I’m a physical therapist, I’ve got great reviews online and I’ve got professional friendly customer service, so you should call me today!”…. If you run ads promoting PT – especially online where trust and attention is at an all time low – you can’t tap into the 30% (10 X) more customer base of people who need what you’ve got, but just don’t know enough to book.. All you have to do is create a system to give them enough information about you to confidently say yes, and they’ll book!. He shows PT business owners how to win more patients and increase their profits using Advanced Marketing, Advertising and Internet Marketing Strategies.

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