Does California require marriage counseling before divorce? [Solved] (2022)

Does California require marriage counseling before divorce?

The California courts do not offer nor require counseling. California is the original "no fault" state; all that is required to establish grounds for a divorce is for one party to unequivocally state that the marriage has "irreconcilable differences" that have led to the "irremediable breakdown" of the marriage.... read more ›

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Is Counselling mandatory for divorce?

Divorce counselling is mandatory for each and every spouse who had applied for divorce.... see details ›

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What are the legal requirements for a divorce in California?

First, you must meet the residency requirements of the state in which you wish to file. Second, you must have “grounds” (a legally acceptable reason) to end your marriage. Third, you must file divorce papers and have copies sent to your spouse.... view details ›

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What is the process for divorce in California?

The 6 Steps in the California Divorce Process
  1. Step 1: Make sure that you meet California's divorce residency requirement. ...
  2. Step 2: Filing the Petition. ...
  3. Step 3: Serving Your Spouse. ...
  4. Step 4: Waiting for a Response. ...
  5. Step 5: Reaching a Deal. ...
  6. Step 6: Obtaining a Final Judgment.
Apr 29, 2021
... see details ›

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Does California require separation before divorce?

Is There a Waiting Period for Divorces in California? While there is no required separation period in the state of California, there is a six month waiting period. This means that you can file for divorce on the day you decide you want one, but you must wait six months for the divorce to be finalized by a judge.... continue reading ›

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What happens during counselling in divorce?

Divorce counseling helps you to understand the causes of separation and come to terms with changes that divorce brings upon. You are too emotionally battered to think about your mental and social growth. Divorce counseling will take you step-by-step through your emotions and problems to overcome.... see more ›

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What happens after counselling in divorce?

How long does it take: In a mutual divorce, the court generally directs a counselling session and gives a six-month 'cooling-off' period to allow reconciliation. After the six months, if the couple confirms their decision to part ways, the court will grant the divorce.... see details ›

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How long does it take to get a divorce in California if both parties agree?

From start to finish, the divorce process in the Golden State can take at least six months – even if both parties agree to the dissolution immediately. This length of time is due to California's divorce requirements and mandatory six-month waiting period. Contact a San Jose divorce attorney for more information.... read more ›

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What is a husband entitled to in a divorce in California?

In California, there is no 50/50 split of marital property.

According to California divorce laws, when a married couple gets divorced, their community property and debts will be divided equitably. This means they will be divided fairly and equally.... view details ›

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Is California A 50 50 state when it comes to divorce?

Because California law views both spouses as one party rather than two, marital assets and debts are split 50/50 between the couple, unless they can agree on another arrangement.... continue reading ›

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Does it matter who files for divorce first in California?

There really is not distinct advantage during the pendency of a divorce case to be the Petitioner or the Respondent. Most legal experts believe that there is little legal advantage to who files first because California is a no-fault divorce state, so the court really doesn't care who files the petition first.... see details ›

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How much does it cost to get a divorce in CA?

The total costs can range from $5,500 to $38,000. The average cost is $17,100 for couples without children. The average cost is $26,300 for couples with children. The cost of divorce in California is 37% higher than the national average (due to a higher cost of living)... continue reading ›

Does California require marriage counseling before divorce? [Solved] (2022)

How long does a default divorce take in California?

In California, the deadline to respond to a divorce petition is thirty days from its receipt. After thirty days, the petitioner may proceed with the divorce without any intervention from the respondent.... view details ›

Is California an alimony state?

Is Alimony Mandatory in California? In California, alimony is not mandatory. However, if one spouse earns significantly more than the other, the court may order them to pay alimony to the lower-earning spouse.... view details ›

Can you date while separated in California?

As mentioned above, California is a no-fault state, which means that things like infidelity cannot be used against someone in a divorce case; however, dating while separated may have some unintended legal consequences. Dating while you are separated may have a negative impact on your child custody case.... see details ›

Does adultery affect divorce in California?

However, most legal experts agree that adultery occurs when a married person has a sexual relationship with someone who isn't the other spouse. In a purely no-fault divorce state, like California, the court will not consider evidence of adultery, or any other kind of fault, when deciding whether to grant a divorce.... see more ›

Can marriage counselling stop divorce?

Yes, you read that right.

In an age where people contemplate divorce at first, marriage therapy can be really beneficial to those willing to fight for their relationship. Therapists are professionally skilled communicators who can give the best advice on how to approach the healing or mending process.... see details ›

What are the core relational conditions during divorce counselling?

These conditions include: Respect- unconditional positive regard; no judgement. Empathic understanding. The helper's congruence- transparency, sincerity, openness.... read more ›

Will there be counselling for mutual divorce?

No counseling for mutual consent divorce, since applicants already agreed mutually for separation, so no question of counseling arise. Generally it will take 6 months time to finish off the cases from the date of filing of petition.... view details ›

What should a woman ask for in a divorce settlement?

What Should I Ask for in a Divorce Settlement?
  • Your Marital Home. Think about what you want from your marital home. ...
  • A Fair Share of Assets. ...
  • Retirement and Investment Accounts. ...
  • Fair Debt Division. ...
  • Parenting Time. ...
  • Child Support and Alimony. ...
  • Your Child's Future Needs. ...
  • Take the First Step with Coumanis & York.
Oct 21, 2021
... see more ›

What can wife claim in divorce?

For example, under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, both the husband and wife are legally entitled to claim permanent alimony and maintenance. However, if the couple marries under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, only the wife is entitled to claim permanent alimony and maintenance.... read more ›

What a woman gets after divorce?

The wife will be authorised to a 50% share of the husband's property, including his ancestral property. She also has the right to reside in the couple's marital home and to be provided for and maintained by her husband.... view details ›

What happens in family court counselling?

It is to keep away from any worsening of conditions and to empower possible conciliation between the couple. The counsellors will undoubtedly unveil the minutes of the discussion between the spouses before them for counselling. The counsellor will send a report demonstrating if the settlement could be shown up.... continue reading ›

Can therapy hurt your marriage?

Suffice it now to summarize the consistent conclusion in these research studies: Individual therapy for a married person that does not include a solid couple therapy treatment component risks creating negative responses such as anger, depression, anxiety, or addictions in the spouse and/or unraveling of the marriage.... view details ›

What is marriage counseling before marriage?

a) Pre-Marriage Counseling (PMC) refers to providing would-be- couples with a basis for making an informed and responsible decision about marriage; b) Marriage Enrichment Counseling (MEC) refers to helping married couples to: 1. Renew and enhance their marital relationship and intimacy; 2.... read more ›

What is the difference between marriage counseling and couples therapy?

Marriage counseling tends to deal with present day events rather than the past. It focuses on the 'now' and the challenges of married life so that you can get your relationship back on track. Couples therapy deals with the present day but also any history that causes unhealthy patterns of relating.... see more ›

Divorce is complicated. Get the information you need to understand the divorce laws in California so you can make informed decisions.

Legal separation does not end a marriage like divorce a does, but it allows courts to decide important issues such as child custody, child support, and the issuance and enforcement of restraining orders.. California is a community property state.. In all cases, California courts will review the proposed agreement and approve what has been set forth.California divorce laws allow for spouses to agree on dividing some assets but seek a ruling on other assets, such as how to decide how each person’s interest in a residence is determined.. When either party files for divorce, assets that are separate property do not need to be considered among the assets that need to be divided equitably between spouses.. However, if children are involved, then any child support will need to include health insurance coverage for children, either by one or both of the parents’ contributions, as long as that coverage is available at no cost or at a reasonable cost to the parent.

Learn how the divorce mediation process in California works, how much it costs, and the difference between private and court-ordered mediation.

private mediation court-sponsored mediation, or community mediation.. For private mediation, typical total bills range from $3,000 to $8,000, whether you use a mediation service or an individual mediator.. Some of California's rules and procedures for mediation in California apply to both private mediation and court-connected mediation, while other rules are specific to mediation with Family Court Services.. In other counties with confidential mediation programs, the mediators may tell the court only whether the parents reached a full or partial agreement, and the parents must consent in writing before the mediators are allowed even to give the court a description of any issues that are still disputed.. Mediator qualifications: Mediators must meet certain qualifications, including graduate degrees and experience in counseling, psychotherapy, or related fields; specialized training in custody and visitation mediation, as well as domestic violence; and knowledge of California's court system and family law procedures.. Children in mediation: Although children don't participate in mediation sessions, mediators may interview the children when that's appropriate.. Code §§ 3160, 3183; Cal.. If you live in a county where the court-connected mediator may report to the court after unsuccessful mediation of custody issues, you might prefer the full confidentiality of private mediation.. With private mediation, you can choose your own mediator , and you'll probably have more flexibility in scheduling your mediation sessions.. Code §§ 3181, 3182, 6303; Cal.. Other than when the court has ordered parents to mediate custody issues, divorce mediation generally isn't recommended when there is ongoing domestic violence in a marriage.. But if you decide to go ahead with voluntary mediation anyway, you can ask to meet with the mediator separately from your spouse (even if you're meeting remotely), although this would cost more because it takes more of the mediator's time.. If something comes up in mediation that raises a reasonable suspicion of child abuse, some mediators (depending on their professional status) might be required under California law to report those concerns to Child Protective Services or the court, despite the general confidentiality rule for mediation.. In counties with confidential court-connected mediation, the judge may order you to participate in another mediation session with a new mediator.. In counties where court-connected mediators are allowed to report to the court following unsuccessful mediation, the mediator may recommend that the judge appoint a custody evaluator or offer other services to help you resolve your disagreements before a court hearing.

Divorce laws can be complicated, but this page walks you through what you need to know about California divorce laws so you can better navigate a divorce.

If you live in California, you’ll need to know about the specifics of how divorce works in the Golden State.. If you’re going through a divorce, you might want to find a financial advisor to walk you through the financial end of the process.. First, at least one of the two parties to the divorce must have lived in California for at least six months prior to filing for divorce.. A mediator does not have the force of law to make couples agree to terms, but a mediator can help a couple work through difficult issues.. Thus, any property or assets that either party earns or acquires during the marriage is considered community property and is owned by both spouses.. Once both spouses agree on what is community property and what is separate property, they’ll need to decide how to divide their community property.. Thus, couples must only divide plan assets accrued during the marriage.

If you still can't decide whether you should seek marriage counseling before the divorce, this article lists five reasons to do it.

Marriage counseling statistics show that less than 10% of divorcing couples seek therapy , but the benefits of marriage counseling before divorce are numerous.. They might not accept the other partner’s idea for divorce, the idea of counseling, or simply don’t think that counseling before a divorce will give them any benefits.. If you still can’t decide whether you should seek marriage counseling before the divorce, here are five reasons to do it and to find the answer to the question, “Will a marriage counselor suggests divorce or help restore the broken relationship?”. Grappling with the dilemma of opting for divorce or marriage counseling before divorce?. The benefits of marriage counseling cannot be ignored and hence mandatory counseling before divorce is the only way to figure out what will work best for the estranged couple.. You might be wondering, ‘can marriage counseling save a marriage?’, ‘is marriage counseling helpful?’, or, ‘what are the benefits of marriage counseling?’ and ‘will a marriage counselor suggest divorce?’. When you go for counseling before a divorce, a good marriage counselor will show you how to fix your marriage , and if he or she realizes that a divorce is a better option for both partners, then he or she will tell you exactly that.. Marriage counseling benefits are numerous and when you want a divorce, such counseling before a divorce can be a powerful tool to restore the precarious ties of the marriage and to understand if it really is the right decision to call it quits.. Most of the couples coping with problems that can’t be resolved by themselves lack communication, so basically learning how to talk to each other resolves marriage problems and then the divorce is no longer needed.. One of the main benefits of marriage counseling before divorce is that it will help you build better marriage communication.. Well, resolving problems in a marriage and not dealing with divorce later is definitely going to save you money since divorce is much more expensive than marriage therapy.. So, if you are stuck between divorce or counseling, it is advisable to go for the latter, since the benefits of marriage counseling are immeasurable.. Talking to a therapist in divorce marriage counseling will remind us how we used to be full of life, and he or she will help us find that joy and happiness in marriage once again.. When your marriage is going through a rough phase and you keep wondering whether to go for marriage counseling or divorce, just go through the article, learn the benefits of marriage counseling and then make your decision wisely.

When it comes to making a decision on whether to file for a divorce or to legally separate, there are a few decisions to be made and some complex steps to take. Having a skilled, experienced divorce attorney can take the confusion and more importantly, stress out of this complex situation.

Legal separation and divorce both involve a couple living separately with a specific legal agreement.. Legal separation is a situation where you are no longer living with your spouse but remain legally married.. Both legal separation and divorce require the same grounds to file.. Aside from the residency requirements, you must choose the reason for your petition, whether it is irreconcilable differences or the incurable insanity of your spouse.. A Torrance divorce attorney can explain what your options are and the pros and cons of each potential course of action.. Marriage affords benefits and ties which for various reasons some couples choose to keep.. The time away from each other may be used for considering your options.. In both situations, you can arrive at a settlement agreement to resolve financial and other legal decisions or go into the court to decide them.. You and your spouse agree on how to divide your property and debts and file an agreement with those decisions, along with a divorce petition and other forms.. You’ll know the best course of action when you choose the right attorney.. A divorce petition is filed and served from one spouse to the other.. Child support is documented as well as how much time each parent will have with the children.

We often have Irvine, Orange County clients ask our attorneys, “How does divorce work in California”?  This page is designed to explain just how divorce cases work from start to finish, the different types of cases for divorce, and discusses the myriad of issues that may arise during divorce. Getting Started Divorce cases are started different ways depending on the… READ MORE

The document filed is called a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.. The person filing the case is called the petitioner and the other spouse is called the respondent.. Summary dissolution is a type of divorce case that involves the joint filing of a petition.. Why is the date of separation important?. The general rule of thumb for determining the date of separation when there is no agreement as to the date is the later date will be found to be the date of separation by the family court.. Typically, cases that are send out with a private judge are resolved much more quickly than through the courts.. Many divorcing parties hire a mediator to handle their case without ever hiring their own counsel.. Discovery refers to the set of ways that a party can obtain information in a court case, including dissolution of marriage cases.

How long does it take to get divorced? What does the process look like? This guide walks you through the basics of getting divorced in California.

I’ve handled many divorces in California and I have never divorced two people based on permanent legal incapacity.. In California, for the Superior Court of California to have jurisdiction, a fancy word for power, either spouse must have lived in California for the last six months, and in the county where the case will be filed for the last three months.. If you don’t meet the residency requirement, you can still file for a legal separation, then file an amended petition asking the court for a divorce once you have satisfied the residency requirement.. What that means is that if a custody or visitation matter is before the court, BEFORE the judge can make any decisions about custody or visitation of the children, the parents must go to Family Court Services, located at our public court house.. For example, if one spouse lives in San Mateo, and the other spouse lives in San Jose, and there are custody and visitation issues at play, then the spouse living in San Mateo may want to rush to the court house and file first so that their custody and visitation matter can be handled by the Superior Court in San Mateo County.. Having said that, in my experience, the majority of divorces take about 18 months to negotiate and finalize, whether using an alternative dispute resolution process (such as mediation or collaborative divorce) or court process.. I usually refer clients to the Judicial Council of California form FL-107, which has a very handy flow chart for people who are visual; the form cleanly lays out the legal steps for a divorce or legal separation in California.. The petitioner files a Petition and a Summons with the court via the court clerk.. Once that’s done, the petitioner files a proof of service form with the court demonstrating that the respondent has been personally served and has proper notice of the proceedings.. This can be accomplished by filling out a form, a declaration under penalty of perjury, informing the court that they have satisfied all of the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure requirements, and that their Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure is fully updated and accurate and includes all material information.. Once the disclosures have been exchanged, petitioner and respondent each file a Declaration Regarding Service (FL-141) with the court indicating that the disclosures were served.. Lastly, if two spouses are cooperative and come to a complete agreement amongst themselves, it is possible to get divorced in California without ever setting foot in a court room.. Jason is the managing partner of Divorce Capital Planning , co-founder of Divorce Mortgage Advisors , and founder of Survive Divorce.

Couples Counseling Before Divorce: Mandatory?

Earlier this month, Nebraska State Senator Tony Fulton (R) introduced a bill that would give judges the option to send married couples with minor children to marriage counseling before granting a divorce and require marriage counseling in divorce actions where no minor children are involved and where one spouse believes the marriage should be saved.. And in Wyoming, incoming House Speaker Ed Buchanan (R) introduced a bill requiring any couple who wanted to marry to attend three hours of premarital counseling.. If couples fail to get the required counseling, they must wait a full year to get a marriage license.. Additionally, the Wyoming bill requires couples seeking a divorce to attend three hours of counseling or wait a full year to file.. Notably, the bill requires that couples pay for the counseling themselves.. Both politicians have stated that the purpose of the proposed bills is to lower divorce rates.. Interestingly, even accounting for lower marriage rates per capita, Wyoming has lowered its divorce rate over the past decade and Nebraska's has remained statistically the same.. In 2009, Texas rejected a bill proposed by Rep. Warren Chisum (R) that would have required every person with a minor child who files for divorce to complete 10 hours of mandatory divorce counseling.. Likewise, in 2008, Oklahoma rejected a bill proposed by the Rep. Mark McCullough (R) that would have required couples to visit a therapist or a faith-based counselor before seeking to end their marriage and another to eliminate incompatibility as grounds for divorce if the couple has children or has been married 10 years or more.. In 2010, Rep. McCullough also proposed a bill that was ultimately rejected that would have in part required pre-divorce counseling for troubled marriages and created "covenant marriages" with stricter standards for divorce, similar to those existing in Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama**.. The marriage to divorce per capita rate has not increased over the past decade.. Critics point out that the proposed bills impede on individual constitutional rights by creating obstacles to ending a marriage.

In the movie Sweet Home Alabama, a newly engaged woman must travel to her hometown because technically she is still married to her ex because he refused to sign the divorce papers. While this scenario sets up a dramatic story, this movie could never play out in California. In California you can get a divorce

We would highly recommend A People’s Choice to anyone!““A People’s Choice prepares legal documents so you can represent yourself and still look like you know what you’re doing.. People who are looking for professional legal services look no further, try A People’s Choice.”“I’ve worked with A People’s Choice since September 2013.. I recommend you give them the opportunity to be of service to you.”“I thought I could save money and file my own divorce paperwork.. I highly recommend A People’s Choice.”“I can’t say enough about the level of service and professionalism I received working with A People’s Choice.. The staff at A People’s Choice was very professional and helpful.. A People’s Choice did a professional job completing our paperwork and I might say, at a very reasonable price.. I would recommend A People’s Choice for any of your needs.. I highly recommend A People’s Choice.

Legal overview to divorce in California.

The date of service establishes the start of a 6 month period which California courts require as a minimum time to grant a divorce.. When the respondent files an answer, this starts the process of ‘discovery’ in which the parties each have a chance to describe to the court the assets they feel should be involved in the divorce, present their wishes regarding its distribution and also present their wishes regarding the custody of the children.. If you are involved in a divorce and there are assets or children involved, it is important that you secure professional help.. If the other party lives in another state they have the right to demand that the case be heard in their state.. Because California is a no-fault state, the party filing for dissolution is not required to state why they wish a divorce and they are not required to provide any documentation regarding their reasoning.. If you and your spouse have no assets or children, then filing for a divorce can be done with little or no professional assistance and little cost.. Spousal support ( alimony ) can be established in a prenuptial agreement, it can be mutually agreed upon by the parties and presented to the court during discovery, or if no agreement can be reached the court will consider the facts as presented and award it based on the financial status of each of the parties and the nature of the lifestyle enjoyed by the couple during the marriage.. The needs of one spouse and the ability of the other to pay are the primary factors in determining support amounts.. Regardless of the schedule, in most cases the parents are required to make important child care and upbringing decisions together.. Child support is paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent to help support the children.. As with Custody, the court will support mutual agreement that the spouses may be able to make.. If the parties cannot decide upon a support amount and payment frequency, child support is set by the court and will be calculated based on the California State Guidelines and on any data that the parties may present.. A written agreement made prior to a marriage that describes the distribution of assets should there be a divorce is called a prenuptial agreement.

Divorce is a very stressful time from both an emotional as well as a financial point of view. L.A.W explains the Divorce Process in California step-by-step.

Legal rights with regard to issues such as spousal support, interest in retirement plans, division of property (real estate) as well as division of assets and debts will be determined by the length of the marriage (from the date of marriage to the date of separation).. Income information is used to determine temporary as well as permanent child support and spousal support.. An experienced Attorney will explain if child support and/or spousal support will be a factor in your Divorce as well as what is a reasonable amount and for how long.. If the parties agree on a child and/or spousal support amount, a Marital Settlement Agreement or Stipulated Judgment is filed with the court.. Assets such as real estate, retirement and investment funds as well as other assets may be considered community property and as such may be divided as part of the Divorce.. Debt may also be considered ‘community debt’ if it was acquired during the marriage, from the date of marriage to the date of separation.. When the parties are not in agreement regarding child support, then a determination of support would be based on the ‘dissomaster’ which calculates support based on custody, visitation, each party’s gross income and the number of children.. All issues would need to be addressed in an agreement in order to finalize the Divorce without going to court.. If the parties want to agree on their issues, it is mandatory to know what those issues are and what a reasonable settlement of them would look like.. Try to Cooperate and Agree with Your Spouse In a Divorce in which there are no issues i.e. no children, no property and no other issues, it is best for the parties to cooperate and finalize the Divorce.. However, when you have issues such as custody, visitation and support of children, spousal support, division of assets & debts, or retirement/ investment plans etc., you will need to understand your legal rights and options.. Know the Available Attorney Choices in California Flat Fee or Fixed Fee Attorney This type of Attorney evaluates your case, advises you and offers you a fixed fee for your Divorce.. Review the Advantages of a Flat or Fixed Fee Divorce It is the least costly way to finalize a Divorce with an Attorney The client receives legal advice from the Attorney and legal oversight No surprises or unforeseen fees An Attorney prepares a legally sound agreement that usually avoids a court appearance The Attorney can offer alternatives if agreements cannot be made and can make court appearances The Attorney can respond to interrogatories & other requests such as notices to produce if the opposing party has an Attorney. A Divorce with agreement is the least costly way to go.


Divorce, or dissolution of marriage, is the legal process of severing a marriage contract, which is overseen by a court of law in the state in which one or both of the divorcing spouses live.. The state has divorce residency requirements that require the spouse filing for the divorce to have lived in California for a minimum of three months.. California Grounds for Divorce FAQ Is California a no-fault divorce state?. California allows no-fault divorces, which means that a divorce is granted without establishing the fault of either spouse for causing the divorce.. The state of California is exclusively a no-fault divorce state, which means that the only grounds for divorce offered on divorce applications are considered no-fault.. California does not support traditional at-fault grounds for divorce, instead offering blanket divorce grounds that do not require either spouse to be proved to be at-fault when filing for divorce.. You must instead file for divorce under one of California's accepted grounds for divorce.. California Divorce Process FAQ Does state of California allow legal separation?. The state of California requires that spouses suing for divorce to have lived in the state for a minimum of three months prior to filing divorce papers.. Even if one spouse is opposed to getting a divorce, they cannot stop their partner from filing for and receiving a divorce in California.

Getting a Divorce in California? Divorce Law Cheat Sheet for the State of California

What are the residency requirements for filing for divorce in California?. Legal custody: This outlines how involved each parent is in the major decisions of a child’s life where a child goes to school, what faith he or she is raised in and other biggies (health, education, welfare of child).. How does the state calculate child support?. If you and your spouse can’t develop your own agreement on child support, either or both of you may be ordered to pay child support.. The goal is that the spouse seeking support will be able to support him- or herself within a reasonable period of time usually considered to be half the length of the time you were married.

The two grounds for a no-fault divorce in California include irreconcilable differences and incurable insanity. Legal separation is the most common alternative for divorce in California. The LegalMatch online library contains legal insights to help you win your case and recover losses. See more.

Divorces might be “no fault” or “fault,” with the majority of states using the “no fault approach.” This means that one spouse can file for divorce and does not need to prove that the other spouse did anything wrong or was at fault for the marriage ending.. That means that one or both parties must have lived in the state for a specific period of time before they can file for divorce in that state and for that state’s laws to apply to them. The court where you will file can tell you the divorce fees in California, but they are established by law and are the same regardless of which county you file for divorce in.. Some states require that the party seeking the divorce prove that the other party is at fault for the marriage ending.. The spouse filing for divorce does not need to allege any wrongdoing on the part of the other spouse to be granted a divorce.. Essentially, one or both spouses does not want to be married anymore and that is enough to get a divorce in a no-fault divorce state like California.. Legal Separation A legal separation does not end the marriage, but is a formal agreement that addresses issues like finances, custody, and child support while the spouses live apart.. The process is similar to filing for divorce, in that one party files the proper forms with the court and pays the filing fee.. If they decide during the time they are separated that they do want a divorce, they can amend or change the petition for a legal separation to ask for a divorce instead.. Annulment means “nullity of marriage” and is an order from the court stating that the marriage is not legally valid and therefore the marriage never actually happened.. Incest or bigamy : A marriage is never valid if the parties to the marriage are close relatives, related by blood or if one of the parties to the marriage is already married to someone else.. Age: One party was under the age of 18 at the time of the marriage Prior existing marriage: This is a situation where one party gets married again because their spouse has been gone for five or more years and it was mistakenly thought they were dead.. Unsound mind: One party to the marriage was not of sound mind and did not understand the nature of the marriage and any obligations included with marriage.. If you are filing for divorce in California you should contact a California divorce lawyer to assist you with your case.. An experienced divorce attorney can assist you with filing the petition, gathering all of the necessary documents and evidence, communicating with the other spouse’s lawyer, negotiating the final divorce order, and representing you in court.

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